Christian Business Manifesto

We believe...

  • Jesus Christ, the Creator God, desires to be actively and intimately involved with every aspect of life especially our relationships, finances and businesses.
  • The Holy Spirit has revealed absolute truth through the written, inerrant and inspired Word of God who is divine wisdom for all human decisions and the 

    directive for all

     principle and practice.

  • God owns everything but allows us stewardship of the earth's resources including money - which is specifically discussed over 700 times in the Old and New Testaments of God's Word to be handled as the Bible directs.
  • All aspects of life, including b


    are to be conducted primarily to the glory to God and secondarily for the goodness of others including the need for conflict resolution, reconciliation and restitution where appropriate.

  • The Lord designed us for joyful work unto Him and to thoughtfully serve each other in the here and now as well as in the hereafter. T

    oil and sweat are only the temporary curse.

  • God rested from His work on the 7th day and gave us an example as His creation to do the same.

  • God designed us to need Him AND need each other as we labor together individually contributing with our unique 

    gifts, talents and 


  • The practice of tithing and offering "first fruits" to God demonstrate our gratitude and 

    understanding that the LORD GOD is our great Provider.

  • God warns against pacts or partnerships with evil persons or people groups lest we should learn their ways.

  • As a reflection of God and by Jesus' example, we are to love, respect and be hospitable to one another and in all we say, think and do (even toward our 

  • In this age, it is an incumbent upon every believer (and Christian business) to minister the good news of Christ's salvation to the world and conscientiously make disciples for Jesus. This is otherwise known as the Great Commission. 
  • As co-laborers with Christ acknowledging the words of Jesus "...without Me you can do nothing" [of spiritual significance, eternal consequence or lasting success], we approach everything with prayer and supplication always giving thanks to God for what He is doing in, through and around us.